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In Episode 3 see how NASA is designing the future of space exploration. We sat down with Nobel-prize winning NASA astrophysicist Prof. John Mather and NASA project manager Dr. Art Chmielewski who take us on a tour of the most exciting design and engineering stories behind NASA missions.

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The "Science Meets Design" series explores the fascinating interface between science and design through interviews with leaders of world's most innovative and creative companies. Take an exciting tour around the globe to explore topics such as biomimicry, synthetic biology, sustainability, design for aerospace, the human-machine interface and more. 

The series is comprised of visually-stunning, 10-min long episodes available on our YouTube channel, released monthly. Every episode presents a different theme and is accompanied by a full-length interview with our main guest which you can listen to as a podcast on Spotify.




Scientific research is the foundation of technological improvements in every field. See behind the closed doors of research labs and take a deep dive into the technologies that will shape the future of humanity in the coming years.

Everything that we use in our daily lives has been designed by someone. See what role design has played in some of the most innovative companies on the globe - from products as small as molecules to as big as spaceships.


The "Science Meets Design" series is brought to you by the Reciprocal Space studio from London. Reciprocal Space is a world-leading design studio providing visuals for the life sciences sector. Working on the interface of science and design in their day-to-day practice, they are bringing you the excitement of being at the cutting edge of the innovation and creative space. Learn more.

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Here is your chance to get involved in our Science Meets Design series.

Do you know an exciting company that should be featured? Or would you like to partner with us to help us continue delivering quality content? 

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UAL is a leading arts and design university in the UK and world-wide. The Reciprocal Space studio is part of the UAL Creative Business Accelerator.

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The Oxford Biotechnology Network (OBN) supports companies from the life sciences sector across the UK and is a close supporter of the "Science Meets Design" series.

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The Design District in the heart of Greenwich, London is a European hub of design and creative industries. The Reciprocal Space studio operates from the Design District.


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